By air

KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd arranges international carriage of export, import, and transit cargoes by air transport (through regular and charter flights) from Borispol (Kiev), Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and Odessa airports.

KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd is a direct agent of national and international air companies that carry out flights from Ukraine. Due to the network of partners all over the world we offer our clients the best routes and most favourable rates for cargo delivery. The variety of goods we deliver includes general, dangerous, valuable, perishable ones, as well as heavy, oversized, and those requiring urgent delivery within a short period of time.

KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd has highly-qualified staff and representative offices located in Ukraine´s biggest industrial centres: Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Odessa, Kharkov, as well as Kiev city and Borispol International Airport.


KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd has a long-term experience in transportation of export shipments on regular and charter flights. When addressing to us, a client gets all the necessary information on customs procedures, regulations and terms of international airfreight. "Door to door" delivery includes the following range of services:

  • Customs clearance at the company's place of accreditation or airport of departure;
  • Bonded trucking from any point in Ukraine to airport of departure;
  • Handling, marking, and repacking of goods at the airport of departure (if necessary);
  • Documentation handling (registration of cargoes at the airports bodies, issuing of accompanying documents);
  • Selection of the optimal itinerary and carrier on the principle: rapidity, quality, price;
  • International airfreight with all the air companies that carry out regular and charter flights from Ukraine;
  • Tracking of shipment status through all its itinerary;
  • Bonded warehousing;
  • Cargo insurance.

As soon as cargo arrives at the airport of destination, our company provides the following services (upon request):

  • Handling and warehousing at the airport of destination;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery from the airport to consignee's warehouse/office;
  • Any other works requested by a shipper or consignee.

Payment for our services may be done by a shipper in Ukraine on "prepaid" basis, or upon cargo arrival at destination airport - on "collect" basis.
We guarantee high quality of our services and privacy of business data. 


Due to agency agreements with various international freight forwarders KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd renders full range of services on cargo delivery into Ukraine, which include:

  • Preliminary talks with the shipper as to oncoming transportation;
  • Customs clearance in the country of departure;
  • Pick-up from shipper's warehouse to the airport of departure;
  • Handling and marking of goods at the airport of departure;
  • Selection of the most convinient rout for the shipment;
  • Organization of the international air transportation on the principle: rapidity, quality, price.

Right away on arrival of cargo at Ukrainian airport, our company provides the following services (upon request):

  • Customs clearance of import and transit cargoes;
  • Handling at the airport of destination;
  • Bonded warehousing;
  • Delivery of cargo by road or air transport to any part of Ukraine within 24 hours from the moment of its arrival at the airport;
  • Cargo insurance on the whole itinerary. Upon client's request, payment for services may be done by a shipper or any other company.



Ukraine, Kiev, 2, Pobedy avenue 
phone: +38 (044) 499-62-27, +38 (044)499-62-28, +38 (044)249-00-98, +38 (044)490-49-12
phone / fax: +38(044) 499-62-27
mob.: +38 (067) 343-49-88, +38 (050) 447 79 50

Odessa, str. Preobrazhenskaya, 15
phone: +38 (048) 722-09-59, +38 (048) 734-02-21
mob.: +38 (096) 946-96-46
Kharkov, ul. Sumskaya, 77/79
phone: +38 (057) 714-36-36
mob.: +38 (050) 553-33-14

Borispol Airport
phone:  +38 (044) 230-00-89

Dnipro, Shirshovа Str., 10
Tel .: 056 720-92-76
Mob .: 096 117-99-05
Mob .: 095 900- 07-46