About company

KIY AVIA is the leading Ukrainian company in the field of sales of transport and travel services.

The goal of KIY AVIA is to provide the most complete and high-quality services for the clients.

In order to achieve this goal we developed the most extensive sales network in Ukraine, our services are available in all Ukrainian regional centers and cities with population more than 100 000 people. The sales offices of KIY AVIA are located in the central districts of cities and have the unified standards of exterior design what makes them easily recognizable.

Within our network we have implemented the unified corporate standards of customer service. Our company has introduced the up-to-date technologies and automated systems that allow efficiently processing the clients orders. There is no difference if you are in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv or any other city where KIY AVIAs office is located because our employees will always give you complete answers concerning your inquiry about business or leisure travel.

In order to provide to our clients the possibility to choose the acceptable air fares and convenient airlines routes, to book hotel rooms and tour packages, insurance policies and other services, KIY AVIA cooperates with domestic and international airlines, leading providers in the field of transport and tourism, various hotel chains, railway enterprises and car rental companies. Every year our partners recognize the efficient work of KIY AVIA with special diplomas and awards.

In each sales office of KIY AVIA we strive to provide services on the level of highest standards.

The reliability, responsibility and care for customers are the priority values on which the work of KIY AVIA is based.


JSC Kyiv Agency of Air Services KIY AVIA was established in 1995. In 2011 the company changed the name for Public Joint Stock Company Kyiv Agency of Air Services KIY AVIA. At present KIY AVIA has 50 sales offices in Ukraine. KIY AVIAs group of companies include such companies as PJSC Kyiv Agency of Air Services KIY AVIA, travel agencies KIY AVIA, Magic Travel and KIY AVIA WEST, KIY AVIA GARANT Insurance Company, KIY AVIA CARGO Transportation Company and others.

The main activities of KIY AVIA include the sales of air tickets for international and domestic flights, arrangement of V.I.P. services at Ukrainian airports, tourism services in Ukraine and abroad, booking of hotel rooms and car rentals, sales of railway tickets for travel within Europe, Ukraine and CIS countries, insurance services, cargo delivery, sales of bus tickets.

Certificates and licenses:
Air Services Sale Certificate # 0001, effective date 23 of June, 2011, issued by State Aviation Administration of Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.
Travel Agency License # 32056, effective date 30 of March, 2007, issued by State Service of Tourism and Resorts of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.