Frequently Asked Questions

How can I refund an air ticket and what should I do for this?
What do I do with a ticket in case of a flight cancellation?
Within what time range can I apply for a ticket refund?
How do I change the departure date of a ticket?
What do I do if I lost my air ticket?
Can I send my child to travel unaccompanied?
How much does a ticket for an unaccompanied child cost?
What is a transfer?
What is a stopover?
What do OW and RT mean?
What is the difference between booking classes?
What do service classes mean?
How do I buy an air ticket at a cheaper price?
If you need to depart on a certain day, please adhere to the requirements as follows:

You should ask in advance when purchasing a ticket whether a refund of your ticket is allowed and under what conditions is this possible. If you wish to refund a ticket, contact the agency where this ticket was purchased. In order to refund a ticket, an individual who applied for this has to carry about the passport and ticket.
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If you found out about your flight cancellation directly at the airport, please contact a representative of the airline company who can offer you an alternative. If the offered alternative is unacceptable for you, ask a representative of the airline company to make a note of the flight cancellation in the ticket, and then to apply to the agency where you purchased the ticket for refund.

If you found out about your flight cancellation at least 1 day before the departure, you need to contact a representative of our agency in order to agree upon possible alternatives. If the offered alternatives are unacceptable for you or if your plans change by that time, the agency will refund the money you have paid for the ticket free of losses.
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A ticket refund due to a passengers fault (not due to an airlines fault) is possible during a ticket validity period. You can ask about the ticket validity period when purchasing it.
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In most cases, it is possible to change the departure date of the ticket that has been already purchased only subject to a penalty, however in some cases, it is impossible at all. It is recommended to ask about a possibility and conditions of the date change when booking a ticket.
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You need to file an application to the office where you purchased the ticket or to your airline representation. To the discretion of an airline company, it is possible to issue the copy of the ticket for the same dates. Some airlines collect a penalty on the average $70.
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A child travelling unaccompanied is a youth passenger. Every airline company has its own rules regulating the travel of unaccompanied children. If travelling of unaccompanied children is allowed at the section of the booked flight, an agent should add the information concerning the fact that a child is travelling alone in the booking. In addition, there is required a notarized written consent of both parents for minor to travel. The Act indicating the persons seeing the child off and meeting persons is drawn up in three copies at the airport. One copy of the Act should be given to the person seeing the child off, the second copy is kept by the airline representative, and the third copy is given to the person meeting the child on arrival.
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A ticket for an unaccompanied child is usually purchased at a child, youth or adult fare.
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A transfer is a point or points of transfer to another aircraft on the way toward the final destination; the transfer duration may not exceed 24 hours. For example, you are flying to London with a transfer in Budapest. You arrive to Budapest at 4:50 p.m. and then you depart to London at 6:10 p.m. Budapest in this case is a point of transfer.
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A stopover is a stop at an intermediate point in your journey lasting for longer than 24 hours. For example, you are flying to Paris via Prague. If you have intention to stay in Prague for 2 days and then fly to Paris, Prague in this case is a point of stopover.
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The full form of OW is one way meaning that the ticket you buy is only good to get to your destination; the full form of RT is round trip that means a trip from one place to another and back.
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Booking classes depend on service classes and the air ticket price. Booking classes are determined by an airline company and determine the air ticket price.
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There are three service classes: the First, Business and Economy class. They differ in a comfort level and services provided during a flight. The cheapest seats are provided by an airline company in the Economy class. The Business class cabin provides a better seats layout, a wide choice of meals and services on board. The First class is even more comfortable and it is primarily used for long-distance flights. The seats in the First class cabin are almost 180-degree flat-beds. You can order different menus, movies, music, etc. in this class.
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If your trip is not time-bound, you can purchase an air ticket at the lowest price. For this purpose we suggest you to track the offers, sales, and seasonal discounts on air tickets (you can find this information on our web-site).
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  • Buy a round-trip ticket this will be cheaper than buying a one-way ticket first and then buying a return ticket.
  • It is desirable that your flight out and return is performed by the same airline company.
  • A ticket to a flight with a transfer is usually cheaper than a ticket to a direct flight.
  • A return departure should be no sooner than on the closest Sunday this is called the Saturday-night stay rule.
  • The departure dates should be fixed; an open-date return ticket is more expensive.
  • Buy a ticket in advance. Cheap tickets often have to be purchased a few days (3 to 21 days) before the scheduled departure date.
    When purchasing a cheap air ticket you should remember that:
  • Such tickets are usually unchangeable and non-refundable (except in cases of a flight cancellation or poor weather conditions).
  • In some cases, changing the departure date in a ticket may result in a penalty at the rate of about $50-100.
  • If you prefer comfort and wish to save your time, it is better to purchase a more expensive ticket to a diret flight.

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