Information for Passengers

The Airport Charges

There are collected additional airport service charges (fees) from passengers; these additional charges are not included into the fare for carriage. Airlines also impose additional security charges. These charges are determined by each airline company individually. All charges are paid at the moment of an air ticket purchase.  

Travelling with Children

Children under 12 may travel at a reduced fare determined by an airline company. Minors may travel either accompanied or unaccompanied by adult passengers.

Luggage Transportation

There is allowed free luggage transportation (with the exception of low-cost airlines): in the Economy class – 20kg, in the Business class – 30kg; in the First class – 40kg, provided that the luggage length should not exceed two (2) meters. A charge for excess luggage is collected at the airport during the check-in process for the entire transportation to the destination point.

Hand Baggage

According to the Baggage Transportation Regulations, the passengers are allowed one piece of hand baggage with limited dimensions in the cabin – it should fit in a dedicated overhead baggage locker, under the seat or on the lap. A passenger is allowed to carry the following items free of charge: a hand-bag, paper-folder, coat or cloak, umbrella, video camera, laptop, and print media for reading during a flight.

Travelling with Pets

It is prohibited to travel with pets in the cabin. Transportation of pets is allowed in a special section of a plane only. If you are going to take your pet on a trip, you should inform your agent about this when booking an air ticket. You should also have your pet’s documents, a veterinary certificate and buy a special pet kennel. A charge for pets transportation is collected at the airport during the check-in process. The charge rate depends on a pet size and flight direction.

On-Board Food Service

Some airlines provide the food choice service to their passengers. There are available Kosher, Muslim or Indian meals for passengers who prefer certain cuisine due to their national peculiarities or religion. There is also available a wide variety of low-calorie, low-fat, low-cholesterol and vegetarian meals. There is offered a children's menu; milk and cream yogurts – for babies.